LM Pump Service can help you with any of your water and well pump needs. Below are some of our most common services, but if you need other help or services just ask! We accept insurance, please call us for details.


Water Systems

When your water stops running, if you have low pressure, dirty water, or if there is air coming from your faucet it is probably time for service or replacement of your well pump or the water tank. We install, replace, repair, and service water pumps and tanks of all brands to ensure proper function. We offer well pump inspections to make sure it is in working order. We can also inspect the well system of a home that you are considering for purchase.

Pump Installation

No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We recommend installing Goulds water systems for any new well pump installation. Gould Pumps is a global leader in pumps for the water technologies and industrial markets, producing the world’s leading line of water well pumps.

Well Maintenance

The LM Pump Service team is knowledgeable and experienced in all the ways to keep your well working perfectly. Whether you are questioning your well safety or know that your well needs service, we are here to help with any problem that could arise.

Well Drilling

LM Pump has everything all of the equipment and experience needed for all types of drilled wells. We can help you to determine the best location for your system along with the design and installation of the water well. Our expert water well construction prevents surface or subsurface contaminants from entering the water supply.

Trenching & Backhoe Service

Our trenching service allows for irrigation and pipes to be placed underground. Our expert service men have years of experience using LM Pump Service equipment to create precision trenches.

Although our Backhoe is most commonly used for trenching, it is also useful for other services like and leveling and grading. Contact us if you have a need and we will be happy to help.


LM Pump Service can assist you with any irrigation system maintenance or installation you may need. Let us help you decide which irrigation system and location is best for your situation.